Privacy Policy

By using Oogie Boogie Bot, you agree to the following privacy policy.

What information is stored?

To log activity, Oogie Boogie bot only stores your id, usertag, how many messages you've sent and the voice activity.

If you have set up autoroles and muted roles in the server, the bot also stores information about the role and server.

If you have been muted, information about your mute will be stored.

Oogie Boogie Bot also stores information about the economy system for each user.

If a specific channels like voice logging have been set up, the bot will store information about the channel.

Why we store the information and how we use it

These information is stored so that the bot can automative tasks efficiently.

Information about role ids and channel ids are needed for automating modding and logging.

Who gets this data?

No one gets this data.

3rd Party Data Sharing

The data is being stored in Mongo Atlas.

Questions and concerns

If you have questions or concerns, you can join the discord server here

You can also contact the owner, ESC#3777 for any further questions.

If you would also like your data to be removed, you can contact the owner or join the server too.