Config Commands

Resets the activity.

The role given to new members.

The role to untimeout/unmute.

Creates a 'nothing' channel...

Settings of this server.

Other aliases: config

The role given to timeout / mute from server.

Other aliases: timeoutrole

Logs all voice into a channel.

Other aliases: vlog

Creates an automatic channel for polls

Fun Commands

Transforms text into big text.

Answers your question.

Other aliases: 8ball

Simulates a fight!

Finds out how gay you are.

Finds your length.

Other aliases: penis

Shows how much someone is loved.

Gives a meme.

Mimics someone

Rates a user on anything

Says something.

Finds out how simp you are.

Looks it up on urban dictionary.

Info Commands

Calculates some math for you.

Other aliases: calculate

Edit snipe the last 10 messages

Help with commands.

The invite link for this bot

Gives info about an invite.

Gives the user's picture.

Snipe the last 10 messages

Links the top message.

Gets someone's profile.

Other aliases: profile

vote for this bot!

Stats Commands

See how many messages you've sent, or the top voice/messages activity of the server

Longest time in a voice channel.

See the total messages of the server

List the oldest members

List the oldest users

Gives the bot's ping.

Information on the server.

Top total voice of this server

Mod Commands

Bans a randomly picked person.

Bans a person.

Kicks a person.

Nicknames everyone.

Bulk deletes messages.

Other aliases: prune

Checks if a person is muted

Other aliases: muteinfo

mutes a person in server.

Other aliases: timeout

unmutes a person in server.

Other aliases: untimeout

Voice Commands

Deafens people in a call.

Disconnects people in a call.

Other aliases: voicekick, vkick

Moves everyone to a channel.

Undeafens people in a call.

Unmutes people in a call.

Other aliases: vunmute

Mutes people in a call.

Other aliases: vmute

Image Commands

Shows a gif

Quotes a person

Shows a simp.

Shows someone who's smart.

Shows an image of trash.

Violence may be the answer.

Shows an image of gay.

Game Commands


Plays a game of rock paper scissors!

Other aliases: rps

Economy Commands

Gets your balance

Other aliases: balance

Do some crime for some money

Gets your daily reward

Deposits your money

Other aliases: dep

Gamble for some money

Other aliases: coinflip

Gives someone money

Your hourly reward

Robs someone

Withdraws your money

Work for some money